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SYRIA CALLING. A real-life experience of six years of conflict, witnessed from Aleppo and Damascus, Iraqi Kurdistan and Rome, Egypt, Oman and Kuwait

by Antonella Appiano

Translation by Victoria Clifford

Release: may 2016

Two and a half years after the publication of Qui Syria: undercover journalist returns to Damascus, Antonella Appiano (journalist and scholar of Arabic and Islam culture) once again reports on the situation in the Middle East, tracking the history of a conflict which becomes more and more serious with each day that passes. And again, Antonella’s story interweaves tales of people she first met during her early trips as an undercover journalist between 2011 and 2012. Now she has met up again with these same people (when possible) to collect eyewitness accounts, revealing their fears and hopes four years on. Syria Calling offers a journalistic report that describes events and happenings in diary form. Historical accuracy is matched by the clarity and simplicity of the writing, proving how the story of Syria can in fact be told by someone other than the usual historians and academics. In the last few years of war, there has been a non-stop bombardment of events, twists in the tale, changes of tactics and intervention by “outside players”, not to mention the new presidential elections in Syria, the role and battle of the Kurds, and the first ISIS-led attacks in Europe, all of which have affected the western world’s view of the Middle East. The conflict has become so complex that it requires an update on the events and motives behind the current situation.

This time too, the ebook format proves a useful tool in telling the story of a country torn apart by war, with the aid of photographs, background history sections, glossaries, interactive timeline for easy navigation around the text, and the new maps of Syria and the Middle East. The background sections, glossary and timeline can also be used as teaching materials and didactic aids for schools. The “storytelling” style renders the book suitable for all types of readership – the simple narrative form allows even the least-informed reader to grasp the facts in the “thick Syrian fog of events”.

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(For the full press review, see the author's website)

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